Sharp Goat Ranch

Home of: Youngs Prairie Dairy & SharpAcres Dairy Goats

Welcome to Sharp Goat Ranch homepage.  I’m Frances, and I run the Ranch with my husband John near Elgin TX.  I got my first goat when I was fourteen, and I’ve raised a variety of breeds since then: Now breeding Boers goats, Alpine dairy goats, Nubians and several types of crosses.  I keep a clean and healthy herd, CL and CAE free (within my powers).  In addition to regular feeding, my goats graze on 44-acres of heavily wooded Texas prairie (plus adjoining properties) and exercise daily.

The meat goats and dairy goats live in there own barns and I do not mix horned meat goats and disbudded dairy goats. 

Please enjoy my website, and contact me if you have any questions about my herd or goats in general.




Nubian kids out playing.


                      Luna one of the LSG Dogs playing queen of the round bale

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